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About: I saw her cum squirt out over the mouth and nose, liked it off and started scooping her juices out of her with his tongue and I could she his doggie dick starting to hang down, than he jumped up and wrapping his paws around her tiny naked waist and mounted her and started thrusting towards her the first few times missed than I Saw Sam arch her back and throw her back
As started fucking her with all his might his whole body shook as his tongue hung out of the side of his mouth and he took and tighter grip and fucked her tiny body even hard, he was make her his bitch and was treating her like a bitch too, the was now laid on his back and Sam was jerked him after he was fully erected I saw his big dick disappear into her tiny mouth, he lick and sucked and bob up and down on that dick like a pro, I heard Sam let out a little yelp as I saw the dog that was fucking the living hell out of my little sister bury his knot deep and side, she cum again laid there as muffled cries left her body still sucking the dog dick for dear life, the dog knotted to her pulled out after about 5 minutes and she pulled the dog dick out of her mouth and pull the dog back and  so he was laid on the towel and Sam mounted him positioned his dick at her tiny opening and started sliding up and down his dick, she was sitting up right, hands pushed down on his chest bouncing up and down really short and quick jab, than she got kind of on all fours over him and was doing nice long strokes of the full length of his dick, I come see a few running through the paddock and come under the fence and start sniffing and licking and Sam and this dog she was riding, the other border collie start of to one side of the yard licking himself clean and these new dogs a kelpie, cattle dog and a German Sheppard all circling and  sniffing and licking and Sam’s naked body, I was very hot and wet and turned on by what I had seen making me remember my owner doggie encounter but was also scared for her as I thought the dogs may start fighting and she could get hurt,  the cattle dog licked around Sam’s asshole and pussy and than mounted her and searched for a bit hitting the back of her thigh cheek of her ass and finally stunk deep into her ass, Sam let out a scream
As he was off like a rocket and than the dog was still under her filling her pussy dig his claws into her thighs and started fucking into her hard, mean while the kelpie and Sheppard just kept circling, just waiting some how as if they know they would get there turn, the kelpie jumped up putting his paws between Sam shoulders and pushing her head to the ground just a few inches from his hard dick he started thrusting towards her face Sam tried to fight and move but his weight had her pin and the right angle so he could thrust into her mouth, his tip pasted through her lips as he thrust faster and faster into her mouth, what a sight my little 12 year old sister being fuck in the pussy, ass and month by three different doges while the Sheppard just kept circling, the fist thing that come to mind you have done this before you dirty little slut and  I couldn’t take it anymore I need a release, I put one head on the sink and spread my legs wide  and bent down as far as I could so I still had full view and started rubbing my already erect clit and slid moving them in and out it feel so good I was nearly Cumming, than I felt something wet touch my pussy ad it feel so good I jumped with excitement I looked back there was Steven’s big great Dane storm licking my pussy his tongue slid in and out of my pussy ad felt so good so I turned my attention to my clit and I turned back to watch my sister, the dog underneath her let out a yelp and the one fucking her tiny little ass through his head back and howled like a wolf, I realise them two dogs were fully knotted with Sam as I could see the kelpie trying to bury his knot in her mouth I thought to my self if he gets it into he throat he could kill her, just than he got really slow and jerky as I saw him shoot his white doggie load into her mouth the angle the she was on must have stopped him from getting his knot into her mouth, after about 15 minutes the three doges pulled out of her, and went to clean themselves and Sam started trying to get up and the German Sheppard jumped up wrapping her paws around her waist pulling her back down one thrust hit the mark and he was fuck her faster and harder than any of the other dogs had done before he must he been a lot bigger to I could see Sam’s face and she had tears running down her cheeks and a sense of overpowered and helpless like she had realised she was now being raped by this huge dog, she tried to pull and get away but bit down on the end of her ponytail  pulled her back till her hip smashed into his and Sam had to full extended her arms to touch the ground must have given him better angle as he was now stood right up on his back instead of thrusting forwards he up into her and her body was shoved and thrown around by the sheer size ad weight of this dog and he was in total bliss and his knot slammed into her and Sam let out a scream,

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