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Fudge looked and stutterd now onto your first order of business Bill #as274 the Werewolf detainment act to stop the ever spreding dissise that is lycanthropy this bill will gives us the power to round any werewolf up and detain or kill them depending on the cases. Madam Umbridge jumped up and said in hope you do the right thing and vote yes these cretchers are a danger to us all and must be elimmenated. Harry spoke up when the toad finished know wonder almost every werewolf jond Voldemort, you ruidicule them, hunt them and treat them like garbege they are just people that somthing bad happend to the Werewolfs like Greyback do need to be destroyed but you cant judge the lot of them by the actions of the few. Lucius stood up and said the wise Potter has spoken maybe we should bow to him a few people laughed. No Harry said I want no one to bow to me or kissing my robes like your master Malfoy. Lucius flushed red then went quite. Ok its time to vote all those in favor raise your hands the votes were talleyed to 39 all opposed Percy talleyed the votes and came up to 45 all abstaining four raised their hands ok bill denied next bill Percy handed a paper to Fudge. Bill #ty342 Muggle Born taxes the passing of this bill will alow higher taxes to be took form muggle born witches and wizards that enter our society. Lucius Malfoy again stood up and said I urge you to pass this bill the muggle borns are entering our world and taking our jobs our childerns jobs and they dont understand this world we have to carry them around and we should at least get more out of it. Harry stood several friends of mine are muggle born one of them sits in this very court room listining to this idocity Muggle born are treated like dirt at best outright tougherd or murderd at worst they take whatever jobs they can get if they join the ministery thry are lucky if they can get to be a asistant of a department head even if they are more quilified than the pure or half blood that runs the department Ms. Hermione Granger is the brightest witch of the our age and she is treated horrible by that man's son belittled by our defence teacher. About 30% of muggle bornes go back into the muggle world because of the way they are treated keep it up there wont be any and we need them you might not like it or care about it but we do need them so i guess you know my vote. Amelia stood and said I agree with everything Mr. Potter just said and i vote nay. Muttering broke out again Fudge slamed his gavel ok enough talking we vote all in favor 33 raised their hands all opposed 48 hands rose  one abstained bill denied.
Next is a request form the DMLE for additional funds of 100,000 galleons and new armor all those in favor 42 hands raised in the air all opposed 41 hands rose one abstaining    motion carryed.  Next any bills to propose, Lucius stood up I propose a Centaur land reduction act Umbridge stood and said seconded, Fudge slamed the gavel bill noted and we will vote next session. Harry stood up i propose a welfare act that helps needy famileys that cant pay their childerns Hogwarts tuition and help them get robes, books, and a wand, Madam Bones stood up I second the motion Naville stood up and said i third, Fudge slamed the gaval and said bill noted we will vote next session. Next Wizengamot session will be on the 15th of Febuary at 4:00 pm, Ajourned. Harry and his enturage exited the lifts and walked to the floo but got a forboding feeling he looked at Tonks and shook his head. She understood and turned to the girls and said we are ridding the knight bus. thry all nodded their  heads that they understood Susan turned to her aunt and said come with us auntie we need to talk Harry flaged the knight bus paid for their way but told stan to drop them off a block away from Grimmauld place. When they got there Harry pulled out a pice of paper with the address on it and gave it to Amelia She read it and enterd behind Harry He introduced her to Mrs.Weasley and Remus Sirius was upstairs feeding Buckbeak HArry was still feeling odd but he shook it off and went upstairs to change
When he arrived back downstairs Amelia was talking to Sirius Harry was still feeling odd Susan looked at Harry and asked Harry whats wrong? I dont know but i felt this way sence after the meeting i tanks somthigs wrong....... Harry then he saw Malfoy on his knees screeming as Voldemort used the Curciatus curse on him now why did you not pass that bill that i asked? My Lord, Potter he  he claimed his house seats and those of crouch stright and the founders my lord he had twelve vote as well as the support of the Bones, Longbottem,and Lovegood i tried everthing my Lord.... Well send Wormtail to me. The mouse like man enterd bowed and kissed him masters robes. Wormtail  go to Little Whinning and see if you can find those worthless muggles the boy lives with you can torture anymuggle you want just make it look like someone tried to steal from whoever they are Wormtail said at once master and scurried off when wormtail left voldemort called out Crabbe in here now Crabbe stumbled through the doors and Voldemort said you know what to do the bulky man undid his masters robes pulled out his dick and inserted it in his mouth Voldemort sighed and said I have been a good Dark lord. a huderd miles away Harry woke up vomiting.
That was by far the grosest thing i have ever seen Harry voiced alloud he then looked to his Godfather and said i know were Wormtail is or is going to be Sirius looked shocked then smiled "were pup?" He asked Little Whinning oh I think old Volde is gay him and Crabbe were gitting it on when i woke up. Well at least you will have room for Molly's food now Sirius joked Amelia fire called Kingsley sent him to little whinning to look for wormtail. Ok now lets go eat some of Mollys food before she forces it down our throats. They all cut up laughed and had a good time until Harry fell out of his chair howling in pain Wormtail he's.... then Harry disapperated.

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