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About: She looked at him quizically and did not understand.
Vince reached out to her and she didn’t flinch as he touched her little hips.  He lifted her little body off the blanket and pulled her to him.  He rolled onto his back and turned her so that she was laying on her belly on top of  him.  Her face was at his crotch and her little lets and feet were in his face.  She instinctively opened her mouth and Vince pushed himself into her throat.  He held her tiny hips in his hands and started pressing her up and down on his shaft.  He heard her try to giggle as she choked his cock down.  He held her hips tight and forced himself into her.  He rolled his thumbs between her legs and pulled her little legs open to see her little womanhood and smell her while he slammed harder and harder into her. She let her body remain limp to save her energy and giggled at the though of Vince working so hard to feed her.
Vince knew he had to finish and leave so he used her throat as aggressively as he could.  He was afraid he would hurt her, but her giggles told him otherwise.  He dropped her body back onto his grabbed the back of her head and her tiny bottom and forced himself hard against her.
She grabbed the skin of his scrotum and began tugging at it gently and Vince writhed in pleasure under her.  The tugging on his scrotum felt amazing and the harder he pressed into her, the more she tugged on him.  Vince held her head in place with one hand and squeezed around her neck with the other hand.   He could feel his shaft stretching out her throat and kept slamming harder and harder into him until he unloaded into her with a groan.
He left the fairy laying on top of him so she could swallow all of his cum.  She kept tickling his balls and swallowing to get it all.  He knew  her energy was coming back because he had her tiny feet in the air swinging them back and forth as she lay on her belly sucking away at him.

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