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About: At first, George didn’t know what to do with his new power.  It took him several days before he came to understand it.  That first day, he’d gone to work, without anyone noticing him.  Nobody said good morning when he entered the office.  Nobody paid any attention to him the entire day.  His emails left unread and unresponded to.  He stood next to his buddies' cubicle asking him to go out to lunch only to be completely ignored.  Eventually getting angry enough to shout at his friend.  No response.  Nobody even looked his way.  That’s the moment that he realized something was definitely not right. He went through a series of hand waves, gestures, moving his friend’s keyboard out from under his hands, trying to get his attention.  But still, nothing.   Finally, he poked his friend in the hand with a pencil.  That got a reaction, his friend finally realized George was standing there.  “What the fuck did you do that for?”  he yelled, holding his hand.  George apologized profusely, and the second his buddy looked away, he’d seemed to have forgotten about George’s existence.  Rubbing his hand for a moment before getting up and heading for lunch.
George wandered off, stunned by the revelation that people didn’t seem to notice him.  He tried the same experiment with other people in the office, with the same results, nobody paid him any mind, unless he hurt them.  At which point they’d see him, but it didn’t last long before he’d become “invisible” to them once again.   He found himself in the men’s room, his shirt unbuttoned, staring at the word on his chest.  Some other colleagues came and went while he was there, paying him no attention of course.  Upon uttering “arcanus” once again, everything changed.   “Are you alright George?” a co-worker asked, seeing him standing at the mirror with his shirt half opened.  George apologized and quickly buttoned up his shirt.  The method of his new found powers slowly dawned on him over the remainder of the day.
Over the next few weeks, George became emboldened to take advantage  of his powers.  At first, it was simple things like walking out of the convenience store without paying for his coffee.  Nobody seemed to notice.  He ramped it up to a grocery cart full of food.  He also found that it wasn't helpful to be “invisible” when he called people or needed to order food.  People would answer the phone, but not hear anything he said, and hang up.  He could stand in line, but nobody took his order or served him.
It wasn’t until his third day with the new powers that George tried anything “daring”.  He uttered the word and walked into the women’s bathroom at a fast food establishment.  The woman he bumped into as he opened the door, ignored him and walked past.  He stood inside for a moment as another woman washed her hands at the sink.  He walked up next to her and used the sink beside her.  She didn’t pay him any mind.  He worried that cameras would catch him and that if he did anything truly heinous, someone would review the video tape and he’d be caught.  But no cameras in a bathroom, so… he waited until he saw an attractive woman enter a stall.  She was blonde and young and as she went to close the stall door, he caught it with his hand.  She made a few more attempts to close it, then gave up and began to unzip her jeans.  George cracked the door open and peered in at her as she hovered over the toilet.  She didn’t seem to notice the man staring directly at her.  Not being into water sports, George turned and left, having realized the girl didn’t notice him staring at her as she lowered her panties and jeans.  And of course, forever etched in his mind, the image of her smooth bald slit.  This image burned through him for days and eventually put him on his current path.
George walked the mall, invisible, just wandering, he’d snagged a few items he wanted and put them in a shopping bag he’d helped himself to from behind a sales counter.  He’d even pulled a couple of 20s out of a drawer as a salesperson rang up a customer.  To be careful, George wore a ski mask.  Just in case video’s were reviewed.  That’s when he saw them.  A fit mom and her daughter, both in form fitting black yoga pants.  They both had fit tight asses, the mother probably from a personal trainer and hitting the gym 3 to 5 days a week and the daughter, undoubtedly from the cheer squad emblazoned across her t-shirt.  The mother’s top was a nice blouse, conservative but still displayed her shape and breasts nicely.  The daughter’s tee was tied in a knot at her side, exposing her belly button and tight stomach.  They clearly had money, each had a designer bag over the shoulder, and who else had children with washboard abs, but people who could afford to put their kids in dance and cheer classes for many hours a week.

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