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About: My heart sank and pounded, was she serious?  She tapped the cane on her hand pointing it at the table. I nervously leaned over the table, absolute terror now inside me, my face was cold and sweating at the same time, my heart in my mouth. This one was clever, very clever. It hadn’t taken her 5 minutes to instil in me the fear that no other teacher or head teacher had managed to.
I could resist, easily, I could just walk out, she couldn’t stop me. But I was aware that I was 16 and also aware that I needed my education if I was to succeed. I made trouble because I enjoyed it, it was fun. I knew the other kids looked up to me and I was their dis-jointed hero. It was expected. So I wasn’t going to run or walk out. I would take my punishment as always. I heard her move behind me, my fingers squeaking on the polished table as they searched for a grip. Then the swish of the cane in the air, my eyes closed tight teeth clenched. The cane hit my flesh so hard I nearly fainted, the searing pain on my skin burned like fire. My legs nearly buckled, tears welled in my eyes. Another swish and the cane once more flashed onto my backside, the pain even worse this time as the cane was raised and thrashed against me; six times, seven times…..I started to sob in my throat as the pain and humiliation hit me. I covered the sobs with a grunt, trying ever so desperately to hide my pain. 11, 12 times then she stopped. I was in pain, far worse than on the hand, she knew how to use that cane; but I wasn’t going to show it, I had an image to uphold.
I was now lying on the table, my chest against it, tears running down my face. Not from the pain, I could take that, I was humiliated. The pain on my skin was like nothing I have ever experienced. I was aware of another feeling too, I was as horny as hell, my cock was so swollen that it was painful to lie on the desk. I could not move… for both reasons. “Stand up Taylor, stand up now!!”  I pushed myself up and straightened my clothes, wiping the tears on my sleeve. “Turn round”.
I turned slowly to look at Miss Petter, trying to put defiance in my eyes but they were still full of tears from the thrashing she gave me. “Well what do we have here?!! It seems we do have emotions after all”. I looked at her face but she wasn’t looking at mine, she was looking at my crotch. “It seems young man that you are not decided  over the punishment you have just had, humiliating to be brought to tears by a woman? Or did you actually enjoy it?”
What the fuck was she talking about? Enjoy it? I was in agony, my flesh was raw and throbbing with the thrashing she had just given me. I was speechless and just stood before my better. I knew it, she knew it.

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