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About: Mrs. Albright was not new to such language, having raised two boys, but it upset her, nonetheless. "Jeff, you know how that talk troubles me. You may talk that way around your friends but it will not happen in our home -- at least when I'm here."  One of the girls, Debbie, started reminiscing about being in high school and working in the shelter in her hometown.  She said that she watched one of the other girls sneak into the kennel when she thought no one was still there.  Debbie said she heard grunting and moaning in the kennel, and she went to investigate.  Debbie told us she saw that other girl, on her knees, being mounted by one of the large male dogs in the shelter.   Debbie described to us that this dog was humping away at the backside of the other girl and it was that chick who was making all those groaning noises.  Debbie thought the girl was being attacked so she raced in to help.

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