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When I create an internal class in a script, the gdscript intellisense doesn't seem to know about the variables of that class, and typing out the variable leaves that variable written in red text. For example, say I had something like this

 class Something:
    var trialArray = Vector2Array()

func SomeFunction():
    var trialSomething = Something.new()
    trialSomething.trial_array =....

the "trialArray" text attached to trialSomething would be in red, and wouldn't have come up as an intellisense option for trial_something.

Is this functioning correctly (just a result of gdscript not being a statically typed language?), or is my version of Godot not working correctly? If it is functioning correctly, do you have any tips for getting around this/getting used to it? Do you just keep going back to the classes you are using and making sure you get the variable names spelled right?

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I don't know if this is the expected behavior, but I've noticed the same thing, as well as with e.g. supertype members and functions, so it isn't just you.

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