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can you import animations from adobe flash?

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There is no support for that as far as I know. In terms of 2D animation, Godot has its own animation system, and can also import from Blender COA or Collada. I also read a Spine importer was in the works.

thanks but thats sad i like making animations with flash

There is not only animations, but also vectorial stuff. Flash let you draw in vector graphics, but Godot only supports textures and meshes (as most of game engines). However there might be a possibility to convert Flash stuff using this https://github.com/tconkling/flump. I already saw it used, so that could help creating a Godot importer. That's some work to do indeed :)

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There is Godot plugin (https://github.com/funexpected/godot-flash-module) and Flash export tools (https://github.com/funexpected/flash-tools). You can use most of the Flash staff using this tools.

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