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i am working at a space shooter and when I switch scenes between the title screen and the main game scene the parallax background reset (background is instacieted scene in both title and main game). itried this:

Main game.gd

func _ready():
    Global.world = self

    for item in Global.star_type:
        match item:
                $HUD/ParallaxBackground/big_stars.position = Global.big_position
                $HUD/ParallaxBackground/small_stars.position =Global.small_position

func set_position(value):


var star_type =["Big","Small"]
var big_position 
var small_position

Title screen.gd

func _on_Start_pressed():

    for item in Global.star_type:
        match item:
                Global.big_position = $Game_UI/ParallaxBackground/big_stars.get("motion_offset")
                Global.small_position = $Game_UI/ParallaxBackground/small_stars.get("motion_offset")

any way to make iti work?

Godot version v3.2.3 stable.official
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