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I found this script a bit messy and uncluttered, can you make this shorter (without using streetsignplayer_inside and placing the input function inside the signal), thanks.


extends Node2D
onready var player = $YSort/Characters/Player #Directory to player

func input(event):
if event.is
actionpressed("uiinteract") && streetsignplayer_inside:
player.talk(#Some variables)

func onStreetSignbodyentered(body):
if !body.isingroup("Player"):
streetsignplayer_inside = true

func onStreetSignbodyexited(body):
if !body.isingroup("Player"):
streetsignplayer_inside = false

Godot version 3.2.3
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You don't need signals here.

On input(event):
       if Input is interact :
             if player.overlaps_area(sign) :

This is semi-pseudocode. Alternatively You can use for body in getoverlappingbodies(or areas, depending ony our classes )()

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Thanks, it worked!

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