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I spent about an hour with google, installing opengl analyzers, etc.

Not sure this warrants a bugreport, but simply improving the error message would go a long way.

Here's the error:

Your video card driver does not support any of the supported OpenGL versions.
Please update your drivers or if you have a very old or integrated GPU upgrade it.

I couldn't figure out what was wrong since I'm running OpenGL 3.1:

Renderer: Intel(R) HD Graphics 2000
Vendor: Intel
Version: 3.1.0 - Build

OBS works fine on this machine.

Fortunately I finally found this reply to someone else's post (but theirs didn't exactly quote the error message):

Project > Project Settings > Rendering > Quality > Driver >Driver name: GLES2
answered Jul 25, 2020 by aerson (24 points)

Godot version Godot Engine v3.2.3.stable official
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OK but what if the error happens at Editor startup, not game startup ?

Then we don't have access to Project > Project Settings > Rendering > Quality > Driver >Driver name: GLES2

In other words : How do you change the render driver for the godot Editor without actually opening the Editor?

EDIT: I found this

godot.exe --editor --video-driver GLES2
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