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hello I had a problem that only occurs when I export and run my game, that is, everything is great in the editor, but when I run the exported project I get the following error:

it is just GDscript with the use of in singleton.

ERROR: decode_variant: Condition "len < 4" is true. Returned: ERR_INVALID_DATA
At: core/io/marshalls.cpp:108
ERROR: Error decoding property: .
At: core/project_settings.cpp:543

I had already put my question before but I did not receive any answer, I analyzed it and I do not know if my project has been damaged since I had it saved on the pc but I decided to transfer it to a flash memory and to transfer it to the pc again, maybe that is the reason.

my editor

Godot version 3.2.3
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I already managed to solve the problem, my theory is that the configuration that my project had was affected because I moved it from one place to another (I moved it from the pc to a flash memory several times) that caused the corruption of some file and when exporting it caused errors, another thing is also that I had misspelled the address of my scenes in some preloaded variables; Anyway, the solution I gave you was to create a new project, after that go to the resources folder of the project that causes problems and copy the scenes, scripts and assets, I paste all this in the new project that I create making the necessary configurations in the editor so that everything works, my recommendation is that you take into account upper and lower case when saving and referencing scenes / scripts since it is very important because otherwise it will give you problems at some point, luck for the person who reads this: 3

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You should check in the project res:// that the files doesn't have hypens or spaces.

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including folders?, I already did that with all the files exeptuating the folders and I keep getting the same error:, c

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