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When I start my game on Godot Engine, it gives an OpenGL error making it impossible for me to test my game, I would like to make a game for Android, how do I solve this? /


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What OS? Running your game through the editor or running on android?

Windows 7! And on the Godot Engine Tester

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Guess you ran into unsupported OpenGL / older windows problem.

See ie for more details https://godotforums.org/discussion/24268/windows-7-and-8-1

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So, there is some engine that produces games for android, that is as light as godot, blender and such! and with portable version? /

Your window 7 maybe (only) needs newer driver for your video card to support OpenGL. In depends on your video card.

(For android you probably need Window 10 too. Or Linux.)

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