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Just curious because I'm working on a 2d project with godot atm since the 3d portion is being worked on. My goal is to make something along the lines of whats in the picture below but not exactly. I want to try to fake the illusion I guess as if the game were a 3d sidescroller or 2.5d. I just want to get a proper answer so I can then know what I'm going to have to create. Also would you suggest using a texture atlas where I could I guess have just different parts of the atlas containing floors and other things?

Idea of what I would aim to build

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Depends on your art and level design (and overall game design).

If game is heavily tiled, tilemap is the fastest and cleaner.

If you have lot of blocks of objects made with repeated textures and many sprites with complex polygons, tiles may not be the best option.

Check the Asset Dropper plugin video that shows a workflow for the second option: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ovaSj38j5Vw

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Thank you so much for the reply, this is exactly what I wanted to see. It has given me an idea now so I can work on creating my assets. I'll have to install this addon though it seems and I do like its features.

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