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I am trying to implement a menu subsystem based on entries in a database. I have included a mockup of the design below. I need help with finding tutorials or resources which implement a similar project.

Right now I have a canvas layer as my main node but I am having a hard time on how to create and manage the dynamic item list. What sort of node would be the best way to implement this style of menu?

mock up example

Godot version 3.2.3
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Best to go with PopupMenu or VboxContainer for the frame and sorting and Panel in a separate scene for the items
When an item is pressed resize it and use a child container to display the details

The docs actually has a nice layout that can be adapted to almost all use cases here

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With V and H boxContainers when a child element is hidden those controls get resized accordingly so that's also a way to show hide content without complicated coding

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