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Obviously I am new with the engine. I am trying doing a table for the user fill with datas, but to do it I cant think in another way than using a lot of the same node.

Like this:

Engine godot workspace

Still have more LineEdit to add for, and I aint liking it.
If anybody could give me another solution, I would be very grateful

Godot version 3.2.3
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You could try making your own class that extends line edit.

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That is a good sugestion.
Could you show me how I implement this in Gdscript?

A simple example is enough.
And thanks btw

As exuin said, you you make your own class. The addition of Line edits could be dynamic depending on the data or user input.

Honestly, I can't since I've never tried this before

hahaha It's ok, I'm grateful anyway. At least I have a north now

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