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Hi all

I have the following RedBomb scene:

--- Tickable

This RedBomb scene is used in another World scene. The RedBomb node has a script on it which exports a NodePath:
export(NodePath) var trigger_on_interact = null

When I set this NodePath to Tickable via Editor Inspector, it is set to "Tickable" in the RedBomb.tscn.

When I run the game and print trigger_on_interact, I get ../Scenario/RedBomb/Tickable, which is wrong, and a get_node(trigger_on_interact) returns null.

The World scene looks as follows:

  --- Scenario
        --- SpecificScenario
              --- RedBomb

I don't understand where ../Scenario/RedBomb/Tickable is coming from. Can anybody help?

Godot version v3.2.3.stable.official
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Answering my own question:
Removing RedBomb from SpecificScenario and re-adding it fixed the NodePath (note that resetting the NodePath in the SpecificScenario scene did not help).

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