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for f in $Path.curve.get_point_count():
    if $Path.curve.get_point_position(f).distance_to(touchPos) < 5:
        $Path.curve.set_point_position(f, touchPos)

Basically, I move the curve handles around to reshape the curve in play mode. In order to see the curve I set the circle meshes positions (or translations) to baked points and handles positions. And it works well and visible except, it only shows the new result when I reload the scene. It doesn't update every frame. In 2D I used update(). What's the 3D equivalent of that?

Thank you for your time!

Godot version 3.2.3
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Made a custom workaround. In case somebody is interested in detail, let me know. Basically, I made it create and remove the mesh instances (circle) along the curve (baked points and handles) every frame. Maybe that's not the most efficient way of doing so, but it works well.

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