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So here's a little bit of context. I want to emit a particle right after you jump and it is on floor. I created a raycast2d that is downward toward the player and check the collision point. I then Assign the position of my particle equal to collision point. Here is the code of my jump state

func handle_input(host,delta):
var Collision_point = get_node("../../RayCast2D").get_collision_point()
get_node("../..").Player.y = Jump_Force
get_node("../../Cloud").position = Collision_point
get_node("../../Cloud").emitting = true
return "Idle"

My problem is the particle itself disappears. I tried checking the position of the cloud and the floor and it is congruent.

Guys help me lol, if there is something that is wrong in my method or anything , just comment

Godot version 3.2.3
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could be you are confusing global and local position, try printing the position and check if the result is what you were expecting

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