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Can I use Enet with c#?

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Yes, you can totally use Enet with C#


small Sample from my game code:

public void CreateClient(string playerName)
    //Global.MyName = playerName;
    GetTree().Connect("connected_to_server", this, "_connected_to_server");
    GetTree().Connect("connection_failed", this, "_connection_failed");
    GetTree().Connect("server_disconnected", this, "_server_disconnected");
    var peer = new NetworkedMultiplayerENet();

    peer.CreateClient(lobby.ServerIP, DEFAULT_PORT);
    GetTree().NetworkPeer = peer;
    GD.Print("Client created");

public void _connected_to_server()
    Global.MyID = GetTree().GetNetworkUniqueId();
    GD.Print("Client connected to the Server");
    RpcId(SERVERID, "RegisterPlayer", Global.MyID, Global.MyName);

public void _connection_failed()

public void _server_disconnected()

public void _startGame()
    GD.Print("Sending RPC to start the game");
    RpcId(SERVERID, "StartGame");
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