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Because of performance issues i chose to use gles2 for my 3d mobile game.
After optimization of codes and not so hight but hight poliygon meshs, i manage the 50-60 fps output for the game for the time being. well i will add new things and it will blown up for sure but thats not the issue here now.

after i convert the game gles2 from gles3, i reimport the textures as etc1(not support alpha but godot want me to do it) after search for how to solve this, i learnd that i need the reimport the textures as Unconpressed or Lossless or Lossy. so that alpha chanel can show it self. (not sure).

well its 3d game but all my skill efects are using sprite sheets, so all of it gone black, exept basic fire attack. dont understand. i mean i did the same thing to 3 diffrent sprite sheets, 2 of them stay black. this is screenshot from phone:

from phone

and this is from pc, sprite sheet normaly looks like this:
from pc

how can i solve this ?
doc says it can be done, but it doesn't work:

Godot version 3-2-2 stable
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I did a test run with mid range phone, and its work. my phone i little too old i suppose.

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