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How do I use setget in a array variable?

My variable was not an array, here is the old script:

var max_health = 0 setget set_max_health

func set_max_health(value):
        max_health = value

And the new one:

var max_health = [0, 1, 2] setget set_max_health

func set_max_health(value):
        max_health = value

My question is, how am I supposed to change the function "setmaxhealth" in order to change correct "max_health" element?
I mean, the:

max_health = value


Godot version 3.2.3.stable.official
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1 Answer

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var max_health = [0, 1, 2] setget set_max_health

func set_max_health(value):
        max_health= value

func _ready():

Is this behavior what you are looking for?
If you call the variable from outside the script, you don't need to use self.

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I'm sorry, that's not what I meant.
What I mean, is how do I change the max_health in a specific index, because each player will have each own healths. Then if just one of them have this health changed I want to be able to change only his health inside this setget function.
There is a way to do this?
It was working when it wasn't an array, but now I need to change a lot of things inside my code, and if I'm able to make this one work, I'll be able to fix everything and it will work fine.

Just to understand well, the indices of the maxhealth array would be the health of different players?
Because with the line self.max
health [0] = 5 I am accessing the position 0 of the array (player 1) and changing its value (the other values do not change) and also using the setter function since I precede the self keyword. The setter function is executed, it cannot know what index changed, but it knows that some value in the array was changed.

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