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Hello all! This is my first question.

So I have a root node of CharacterCreation. It has a child that is a CharacterChoices node and another child that is a RaceCreationScreen node. PlayerChoices has a member variable of race.

My goal is that when someone chooses a race on the race creations screen, that change persists in the PlayerChoices node. However, it doesn't seem to be doing that. Even though I update PlayerChoices.race, when I call it later it has no value.

Some more detail below

On the the RaceCreationScreen there are race option buttons. When they are clicked, they emit a race_changed signal. CharacterCreation listens for this signal, and updates race in CharacterChoices when someone clicks a race button. E.x., if someone clicks the "Human" button, CharacterChoices.race is set to "Human".

Also on the CharacterCreation screen is a button to navigate to the RaceCreationScreen. When that button is clicked, it calls a RaceCreationScreen.createPageButtons passing in the parameter of CharacterChoices.race.


# Character Sheet 
extends Control

var screen_to_load : String

onready var CharacterChoices = $CharacterChoices
onready var RaceCreationScreen = $RaceCreationScreen

func _ready() -> void:
    for button in $Menu/StepOptions.get_children():

func _on_Button_pressed(screen) -> void:
    screen_to_load = screen
            print("Current Race: ", CharacterChoices.get_instance_id())

func _on_RaceCreationScreen_race_changed(race : String) -> void:
    CharacterChoices.race = race

# Race Creation Screen
extends Control

signal race_changed(race)

var TitleLabel := preload("res://character_creation/race_creation_screen/title_label.tscn")
var OptionLabel := preload("res://character_creation/race_creation_screen/option_label.tscn")
var GridLabel := preload("res://character_creation/race_creation_screen/grid_label.tscn")

onready var SocialClassOptions := $FullPageContainer/Body/SocialClassOptions
onready var RaceInfo := $FullPageContainer/Body/RaceInfo
onready var TraitsGrid := $FullPageContainer/Body/RaceInfo/TraitsGrid
onready var SaveGrid := $FullPageContainer/Body/RaceInfo/SaveGrid
#onready var CharacterChoices := $".."/CharacterChoices

func _ready() -> void:
    for button in $FullPageContainer/Body/Options.get_children():
        button.connect("pressed", self, "_on_Button_pressed", [button.race])

func _on_Button_pressed(race : String) -> void:
    emit_signal("race_changed", race)

func createPageOptions(type) -> void:
    var race_data : Resource
    var race_data_path : String

    race_data_path = "res://database/race_data/" + type + ".tres"
    race_data = load(race_data_path)


func createClassOptions(selectedClassOptions) -> void:
    for node in SocialClassOptions.get_children(): node.free()
    createTitleLabel("Social Classes", SocialClassOptions)
    for option in selectedClassOptions: createOptionLabel(option, SocialClassOptions)

func createRaceInformation(raceData) -> void:
    for node in TraitsGrid.get_children(): node.free()
    for node in SaveGrid.get_children(): node.free()

#   var sprite := Sprite.new()
#   sprite.texture = load("res://icon.png")
#   RaceInfo.add_child(sprite)
    var title : String = raceData.type + " Traits"
    $FullPageContainer/Body/RaceInfo/TraitsLabel.text = title

    for trait in raceData.traits: createGridLabel(trait, TraitsGrid)
    for bonus in raceData.save_bonuses: 
        createGridLabel(bonus, SaveGrid)

func createOptionLabel(text, list) -> void:
    var newOption = OptionLabel.instance()
    newOption.text = text

func createTitleLabel(text, list) -> void:
    var newTitle = TitleLabel.instance()
    newTitle.text = text

func createGridLabel(text, list) -> void:
    var newGridOption = GridLabel.instance()
    newGridOption.text = text

# CharacterChoices

extends Control

export var race : String setget update_race, get_race

func update_race(new_race):
    print("updating to", new_race)
    race = new_race

func get_race():
    print("You're race is: ", race)
    return race
Godot version 3.2
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1 Answer

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I figured out the problem. It turns out that when I was clicking the back button on the race creation screen to go back to the Character Creation screen, it was using change_scene, which created a new instance of the Character Creation screen, erasing the info that was stored earlier in Player Choices.

Thanks to anyone who ended up reading this!

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