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I am trying to export a very simple game (just a sprite that changes colour) and I am getting a very weird issue.

I am building Godot from source but I have no modifications, just using the scons command as described in the docs. I have built the linux headless version with platform=server tool=yes, etc. Then I export using the command line with the --export argument.

This all works perfectly fine when exporting for Linux and Windows (both 64 and 32 bit). However, there is some weird issue when I try to export for MacOS.

When I export using the linux headless executable on my linux machine, everything works fine - the exported game looks just fine and when tested on a MacOS works perfectly fine.

However, my goal is to not run this manually but to set up automated builds using Buildbot. I am doing that using the official docker images of buildbot. And when the export process is run by the buildbot worker, the final .zip file is missing the whole osx.app/ directory (where the release/debug executables should be) and is unusable. The export process itself completes fine with no errors but the result is a broken .app that cannot be run.

I have also tested building a headless godot build on the MacOS, and then using that directly on the mac's Terminal to export the game. The result is absolutely the same broken .zip file. Which proves that this is not buildbot-related. It is also very weird that a macos headless build cannot export for macos.

I have tested using both the official templates, and ones built by me. There is no difference.

Here are the contents of the final .zip file when exported by the linux headless build (using either official or self-built template):

Archive:  ../output/macos/macos.zip
  Length      Date    Time    Name
---------  ---------- -----   ----
     1434  2021-03-06 10:48   project.app/osx.app/Contents/Info.plist
    67500  2021-03-06 10:48   project.app/osx.app/Contents/Resources/icon.icns
        9  2021-03-06 10:48   project.app/osx.app/Contents/PkgInfo
112300312  2021-03-06 10:48   project.app/osx.app/Contents/MacOS/godot_osx_debug.universal
112300312  2021-03-06 10:48   project.app/osx.app/Contents/MacOS/godot_osx_debug.64
 72105344  2021-03-06 10:48   project.app/osx.app/Contents/MacOS/godot_osx_release.64
 72105344  2021-03-06 10:48   project.app/osx.app/Contents/MacOS/godot_osx_release.universal
     1353  2021-03-06 10:48   project.app/Contents/Info.plist
     6272  2021-03-06 10:48   project.app/Contents/Resources/project.pck
    67500  2021-03-06 10:48   project.app/Contents/Resources/icon.icns
        9  2021-03-06 10:48   project.app/Contents/PkgInfo
 40271580  2021-03-06 10:48   project.app/Contents/MacOS/project
---------                     -------
409226969                     12 files

And here is what it looks like when built by buildbot or MacOS:

Archive:  ../output/macos/macos.zip
  Length      Date    Time    Name
---------  ---------- -----   ----
     1353  2021-03-06 08:51   project.app/Contents/Info.plist
     6272  2021-03-06 08:51   project.app/Contents/Resources/project.pck
    67500  2021-03-06 08:51   project.app/Contents/Resources/icon.icns
        9  2021-03-06 08:51   project.app/Contents/PkgInfo
 40271580  2021-03-06 08:51   project.app/Contents/MacOS/project
---------                     -------
 40346714                     5 files

I really have no idea what might be causing this issue but I'd appreciate if someone could help.

This is all related to my effort of setting up an easy to use template project for people who want to develop a game using C++ and Godot, or simply need a custom module (like for mobile ads). It can be found here: https://gitlab.com/bluabito/godot-cpp-template

Godot version 3.2.3
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Nevermind, this was an issue on my side.

Looks like the exported game on MacOS actually works, and the one exported by the linux headless (even though working) was actually wrongly bloated because I had leftover files in ~/.cache/godot from previous export attempts.

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