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Hi, so, I have a Character scene, like this:

Character: KinematicBody2D
| AnimatedModel: Node2D
| CollisionShape2D

then I made a NPC scene inherited from this:
NPC: Character
| AnimatedModel
| CollisionShape2D
| StayInPlace: Node

now, I want to set the model for my NPC (to, say "SorceressModel"), is it possible in c#? I think if I deleted the AnimatedModel then Instance a SorceressModel, named it as "AnimatedModel" could work, but I cannot do the deletion.

Also, currently, I have an alternative way when making my AI behaviour. like this:
I have a AIBase: Node to set the Character's brain. And a StayInPlace: AIbase for the NPC. but I cannot change the type, so:
- in Character, I just [Export] NodePath aiPath_;, then get it as AIBase in _Ready();
- then in NPC scene, I instance StayInPlace node, then set to aiPath_ in editor.

This works for now, but is not that straight forward. and I think, by this, we have a aiPath_ member in each Character instance for one use only.

Godot version 3.2.2
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