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Hello, i know it is a weird qeustion but
Is it possible to make a Game Engine with godot?

Godot version 3.2.3
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Of course you can! But maybe you should be more specific with your question.

For example, you can create a base of side scrolling platform game and create games using it just tweaking, a game like Mario, Megaman, Metal Slug, etc. That's an engine

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Yes, you can create game engines on top of Godot using GDScript or C#.

RPG in a Box is an example of a game engine made with Godot.

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Just curious, does the rpg in a box offer a standalone export?

It looks like it, see this example of a released game: https://lectronice.itch.io/a-road-to-awe

I see, thank you

Thank you for the help! :D

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