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First of all, I am really new to the Godot engine so sorry if I get something wrong.
Every couple of times I run my game I get this error in the console:

[GitHub integration] >> loading notifications, please wait...
Unicode error: no space left
core/bind/corebind.cpp:3284 - Error parsing JSON at line 0:
core/object.cpp:1260 - Error calling method from signal 'notification
requestfailed': 'Control(Notifications.gd)::onnotificationrequest_failed': Cannot convert argument 2 from Nil to Dictionary..

My game runs fine but I was just wondering if this error is something I should care about or just forget about it.


Godot version v3.2.3.stable.official
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This error is coming from the GitHub Integration add-on. According to issue #87, it seems that disabling the add-on's auto-update notifications should solve this problem.

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Thanks! That fixed it!

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