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I've got a low poly tree mesh made of 3 planes at 60 degree angles. I'm placing these with multimesh in chunks as part of an lod system. I've got dozens of alpha background tree images, 3 per tree type, and I'm wondering what the best approach for adding them is.

I'd expect if I took the naïve approach and updated the material in the loop I'm just going to change every tree repeatedly and not just that particular instance. Obviously I can't make three new materials with every single multimeshinstance in code. Too many.

So do I have to go through every single image and manually save it as a material with the right settings?? Please tell me there's an easier way... I guess I could write a script to iterate the image folder and output a material for each to file. Not sure if that would be quicker than just going through them one by one in the editor.

Any alternative?

Godot version 3.2.3
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