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I have compiled the godot source code in my Mac. When i have trying to import "Manage Export Templates", the godot giving me error 3.2.4.rc(missing). When i want to godot website to download missing export template, the website do not contain any template with 3.2.4.rc. It contain 3.2.4.rc1, 3.2.4.rc2, 3.2.4.rc3.

From where can i get 3.2.4.rc template ?

Godot version godot3.2.4
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There's no 3.2.4.rc. There are three release candidates. You should download the one corresponding to the version you have. Your version should be visible at the top right of the project manager screen, next to the language options.

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Thanks for your response. I got it, we can not build from latest source code. We need to select any godot version like 3.2 and then download and build the software.

Oh, if you're building from source code you need to build the templates as well and then specify the paths to them in the export menu. See the docs: https://docs.godotengine.org/en/stable/development/compiling/index.html

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