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I'm testing the potential performance of my game. I create 1600 items, which contain a color rect and a label. then I animate those, each with a tween.

it might not be the best of all ways to do it, however, when I export it as HTML5, I get about 10x the performance with a FPS around 8, as when I export it to osx, with a FPS of 1.

I'll do some more testing to figure out what the exactly is causing the performance drop.

Godot version 3.2
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What GLES option are you using?
I suppose you are using GLES2 as you talk about web, anyway GLES3 can be very slow on macOS, not because of hardware, but because of lack if implementation in the OS.

I don't see a bit performance difference between using GLES2 or 3.
but with GLES2, my very simple texture shader doesn't work on HTML5.

btw, I figured out the problem. using a color rect + label, the items render actually quite fast. but I recently changed it to use a container with rounded edges...that made it super slow....

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