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I know there is the function get_basename() on type String but if I call it on name, I get printed @Test@99. So the node's name of my instanced scene be "Test", how to get it? I want to do that because sometimes another Object with the same script is added.

Godot version 3.2.3.stable
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I know this question is tagged under gdscript, but I wanted the same thing in c# and your question helped me figure out the way to do it is using the Name property of a node object (ex: Node x; GD.Print(x.Name);)

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I had that problem also and I didn't find any option to call name or even custom class name. Filename worked for me, it is unique just like name and means resource path of your scene. It should do if You only need to identify nodes.

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func node_name():
    return str(name.replace("@", "").replace(str(int(name)), ""))
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