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I can get the projects to build with msbuild but I cant build and export my godot projects on ubuntu...

How do you get the headless godot mono version to work properly?

ERROR: get_language_code: Invalid locale 'C'. 2021-02-23T08:58:53.0584126Z At: core/translation.cpp:945. 2021-02-23T08:58:53.0584703Z ERROR: set_locale: Unsupported locale 'C', falling back to 'en'. 2021-02-23T08:58:53.0585083Z At: core/translation.cpp:969. 2021-02-23T08:58:54.6973505Z reimport: begin: (Re)Importing Assets steps: 1 2021-02-23T08:58:54.6974074Z reimport: step 0: icon.png 2021-02-23T08:58:55.1647972Z mono_project_debug_build: begin: Building project solution... steps: 1 2021-02-23T08:58:55.1649044Z mono_project_debug_build: step 0: Building project solution 2021-02-23T08:58:58.7540445Z mono_project_debug_build: end 2021-02-23T08:58:58.7545111Z ERROR: godot_icall_GD_pusherror: Failed to export project: Failed to build project 2021-02-23T08:58:58.7545626Z At: modules/mono/glue/gd_glue.cpp:250. 2021-02-23T08:58:58.7599582Z System.Exception: Failed to build project 2021-02-23T08:58:58.7600295Z at GodotTools.Export.ExportPlugin._ExportBeginImpl (System.String[] features, System.Boolean isDebug, System.String path, System.Int32 flags) [0x000a6] in <fea6bc16b6d64de0afe8ace2924a4bc2>:0 2021-02-23T08:58:58.7601237Z at GodotTools.Export.ExportPlugin._ExportBegin (System.String[] features, System.Boolean isDebug, System.String path, System.Int32 flags) [0x0000b] in <fea6bc16b6d64de0afe8ace2924a4bc2>:0 2021-02-23T08:59:03.5656337Z savepack: begin: Packing steps: 102 2021-02-23T08:59:03.5657380Z savepack: step 2: Storing File: res://.mono/metadata/scripts_metadata.release 2021-02-23T08:59:03.5658110Z savepack: step 2: Storing File: res://default_env.tres 2021-02-23T08:59:03.5659470Z savepack: step 27: Storing File: res://.import/icon.png-487276ed1e3a0c39cad0279d744ee560.stex 2021-02-23T08:59:03.5660269Z savepack: step 27: Storing File: res://icon.png.import 2021-02-23T08:59:03.5660956Z savepack: step 52: Storing File: res://scenes/Authenticate.tscn 2021-02-23T08:59:03.5663572Z savepack: step 77: Storing File: res://scripts/Authenticate.cs 2021-02-23T08:59:03.5664303Z savepack: step 102: Storing File: res://icon.png 2021-02-23T08:59:03.5667598Z savepack: step 102: Storing File: res://project.binary 2021-02-23T08:59:03.5669105Z savepack: end 2021-02-23T08:59:03.5678768Z reimport: end 2021-02-23T08:59:05.1989326Z Godot Engine v3.2.3.stable.mono.official - https://godotengine.org

Godot version 3.2.2-stable
related to an answer for: Good c# setup on Ubuntu 20.04 with VSCode?
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