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Hey, working on 2D til-based platformer and I was wondering if there is way to modulate all the tiles in a tilemap. (For a background tilemap, I want darker, less saturated tiles) I couldn't find (Or at least understand) a setting in the tilemap node, nor a node that would modulate a single item.

Is there any way to do this?
If not I guess I'll just have to tint my main tiles in another program and have two sets.

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You can't do it like the sprite modulate, somebody was working on it, not sure if will be ready for 2.1.1.

But... you can do something like that with a Light2D, a textureframe or a polygon2D with different blend modes over the tilemap.

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Hmm, that's too bad. :/
Thanks for the answer though!

There is something else, you can do:

|-CanvasLayer (with low layer)
|      |-CanvasModulate
|      |-BackgroundTilemap
|-NormalTilemap (or inside another CanvasLayer)

OH! Thanks SO much!
That's exactly what I wanted. :D

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