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I was exploring how to create a lobby, i used the code below but i noticed that the create_client function always "connect" (print connect) to a server if I specify any valid IP address, regardless if a server actually exist. No error is shown.

func start_connection():
 SERVER_PORT=#any port, it doesnt care
 connection_thread.start(self, "create_client", null)

func create_client(_x):
    var peer = NetworkedMultiplayerENet.new()
    peer.create_client(SERVER_IP, SERVER_PORT)
    get_tree().set_meta("network_peer", peer)

func close_connection_thread():
    if get_tree().network_peer==null:
        print("failed connection attempt")

what am i doing wrong?
i am assuming if a peer is created, then the connection exist, is it correct?

Godot version 3.2.3
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func _enter_tree() -> void:
  get_tree().connect("connected_to_server", self, "_server_connected")
  get_tree().connect("connection_failed", self, "_server_connection_failed")

func _server_connected() -> void:

# Timeouts after like 30s, so you may want to manually disconnect after 4 seconds, if either this or the _server_connected is still not called
func _server_connection_failed():
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thank you for the answer, i knew this approach works from the docs, but it is not exactly what i'm looking for: in fact i can only check connection to the server via the initial connected/failed signal, while i would like to perform this check at any moment i wish.

i guess i can work with this set up though

If you mean being able to check the connection status at any time


func get_connection_status() -> int:
    var network_peer := get_tree.network_peer
    if network_peer:
        return network_peer.get_connection_status()

I personally discourage singletons, but might need it here, so you won't have to type this code again

that's it! get_connection_status() is what i was looking for before.
i eventually ended up writing a working code with the signals as you suggested (so double thank you), but it's good to know there is another way

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