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And how to implement it to my game?

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Use custom module like:


but there's no way to constrain video ads scheduling in yourapp. Even if you choose, In the admob console, the kind of interstitial (Text, Image, Video), it seems that Google is always deciding the ads type to show.


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cant find modules folder

You may use binary package available here:



If i understand correctly i have to add templates when exporting, copy that script to my game but where i have to move admob folder? Dont have "modules" directory or cant find it... all i have is little godot folder in appdata.

Perhaps there is a bit of confusion. If you use binary package you do not have to compile anything, and the modules folder does not needs. This folder is in the Godot source code downloadable from the GitHub repository..

To include AdMob module in your project, you have to load binary .apk file in export template for android property "Custom Package".


i know its been long time but still dont know 1 thing
what i have to do with GodotAdMob.Java? bcs as readme says i have to move it to platforms/... but cant find this folder as well.

Just as an additional info, this module supports rewaded videos now.

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