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I am busy trying to learn how to code top-down rpgs and when I tried to implement a navmesh so my enemies don't run straight into walls, I ran into a problem that I coudln't fix by searching online, at least so far. This is the current enemy script, and if you need any extra details I can provide them. The player is declared in the player script as the player variable for the enemy script.
I am not sure how to link my project.

I am really sorry, I am really new to godot and have to pull from several tutorials to get it to work.

The enemy doesn't move at all really.

I have the tilemaps, player, enemy and navmesh ysorted.

the tree hierarchy looks like this:





tilemap2(bushes and rocks)



extends KinematicBody2D

const MOVE_SPEED = 400
const DETECT_RANGE = 500
const ATTACK_DIST = 100

onready var sprite = $Sprite
onready var anim = $AnimationPlayer
onready var nav = get_parent()
onready var raycast = $RayCast2D

var path = []
var path_ind = 0
var player = null

func _ready():

func move_to(target_pos):
    path = nav.get_simple_path(global_transform.origin, target_pos)
    path_ind = 0

func _physics_process(delta):
    if player == null:
    if path_ind < path.size() :
        var move_vec = path[path_ind] - global_position
        if move_vec.length() < 0.1:
            path_ind += 1
            move_and_slide(move_vec * MOVE_SPEED)

    var target = raycast.look_at(player.global_position)

    if player.global_position - global_position <= Vector2(DETECT_RANGE, DETECT_RANGE):
        move_to(player.global_position - global_position)

func set_player(p):
    player = p
Godot version 3.2.3
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