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If I have a array of nodes like this

var items = [obj01, obj02, obj03]

I like to know if there is a way to perform a for loop of items but skip obj02 by using the index number.

for example, if I put

if i == 2: 

the 2 is only recognised by value not the index order in the array, not sure if continue could work with index order instead of value. Thank you.

Godot version v3.2.3
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A couple different approaches.

# skip if i is 2
var items = [obj01, obj02, obj03]
for i in range(len(items)):
  if i == 2:


# shift i one over at the right time
var items = [obj01, obj02, obj03]
for i in range(len(items) - 1):
  if i >= 2:
    i += 1

Or even:

# make a "for loop" using a while loop
var items = [obj01, obj02, obj03]
var i = 0
while i < len(items):
  if i == 1:
    i = 3
    i += 1
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Thank you for your help.

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Hacky way:

var index = 0:
for n in array:
   if index != 2:
      pass #do something, if index is 2 skip it

or traditional while loop:

var index = 0
   if index !=2:
      pass #do something if index is 2 skip it
   index += 1
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