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Hello! I'm new to Godot and coding games in general. I am wondering how I can make an input stepper like the one shown below. I think I can make a counter with incrementor arrows using the documentation tutorials, but I'm not sure how I can combine that with a text input field, so that you can set a number with direct input and clicking the arrows. Thanks in advance!

Edit: thanks for the help!!

input stepper

Godot version 3.2.2
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I would use a LineEdit node and add two buttons for the up and down arrows. Then give the LineEdit a script and have it set_text() to the entered value or the incremented value.

if you want to make it so the user can only input integers, you can use the LineEdit's textchanged signal, which is emitted after each character inputted, and check if the character is an int. If it is, settext(), else, set_text() to the previous value.

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Try modifying a Spinbox.

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