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I want to make a loop so that when the area collides it changes position immediately where no collisions

while get_overlapping_areas():
            self.global_position.x += 1

how could i do it then?

Godot version 3.2
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2 Answers

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while is conditional meaning it needs a bool true or false value but get_overlapping_areas() returns an array. The array type has the size() method which returns an int so an operator (<, >) can be used to return a bool.

while get_overlapping_areas().size() > 0:
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but it still doesn't work

while get_overlapping_areas().size() > 0:
        position.x += 1

In the question, by 'when the area collides' did you mean with only other areas? If not you should be using get_overlapping_bodies() if you want to detect static, rigid & kinematicbodies.

while get_overlapping_areas().size() > 0:

will cause an endless-loop (game stops working) if size is not 0.

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for _i in get_overlapping_areas():
    global_position += 1

or better:

global_position.x += get_overlapping_areas().size()

(both untested)

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