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Hi everybody!

I have an Array with bullets created with the "Bullet Shower demo" method. I was able to determine collisions with enemies (they have an Area2d as a child node), but can't figure out how to determine collision with the walls, floor, etc. (TileMap).
It's important for my game to handle bullets efficiently, because there will be a lot of them.

Tanks in advance and sorry for my English., Is not my first Language.

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A few things:

  • Are your bullets RigidBody2Ds or KinematicBody2Ds?
  • Do you need separate handling for hitting different types of tiles, like different reactions for hitting walls vs hitting floors?

    • Did you remember to add bodies and collision shapes to your tiles when creating your TileSet?

I made a shooter that used tile maps once, where my bullets were KinematicBody2Ds. In the script attached to the bullet scene, whenever a bullet collided with something I used the bullet's get_collider method to get the object it collided with, then used extends to check its class.

const actor_class = preload("res://scripts/actors/actor.gd")

func _fixed_process(delta):
    var velocity = direction * speed * delta

    if is_colliding():
        var collider = get_collider()
        if collider extends actor_class:


That said, if the bullet hits a wall I believe get_collider will return the tile's StaticBody2D, and not the tile map itself. You can work out what tile got hit though using the collision's location.

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very nice expose.thats my doubt too before

you expose we can load from scripts,so can work better with separations collisions objects on game.


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