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Good afternoon. When you turn on full-screen mode, the Node Touch Screen Button does not save the position, there are ideas how to fix it without setting Stretch: Mode 2D / Viewport, Aspect:"...", this method is not suitable, since the quality of the jackal is worse than ever?
But at the same time, the camera in full-screen mode, buttons and other controls are set in the correct position perfectly.



Godot version 3.2.3 Stable
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Sounds like you should be using anchors. The position is based off of the top left being (0,0), so it's only storing the distance they should be from there. You can use the anchors on Control elements to make it stick to different locations (like corners of the screen)
Here's some more info:

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Yes, the nodes in the Label and anchored to the anchors help a lot)

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