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It looks like accented latin characters (á é í ó ú for example) cannot be typed in a LineEdit inside a project exported to HTML. It works OK in the development environment.

Any ideas? Do we have to configure something to fix this? Is this a bug?

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I have exact same problem. my custom font supports latin extended and works on labels flawlessly. but with LineEdit typing not working. it changes them to another characters like ; or /

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Try using a custom DynamicFont for your GUI rather than the default project font (which is a bitmap font with a limited character set). You can specify a custom font to use in the Project Settings.

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Thanks for your answer. It looks like the problem is not with the font itself because if we set an accented character as the LineEdit placeholder then it is correctly displayed. The problem is that you cannot type an accented character inside the HTML LineEdit (it is replaced by the character without the accent). You can reproduce the problem here:


We are using Kenney Future Narrow font which has accented characters.

It seems that the problem are the dead keys, which are used to type accented characters, and apparently they are being ignored by the HTML LineEdit. Any idea about how to workaround this?

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