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i have recently started following a tutorial for a top down action RPG game on godot. i have gotten to the part where i learn about animation trees, but ever time i start the game, the character is in a stationary position, and doesnt change position or animate at all.

this is the tutorial i am following and the part im up to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z9aR9IiiHT8&list=PL9FzW-m48fn2SlrW0KoLT4n5egNdX-W9a&index=6
the code i have is identical to the video at 24:20

i also get this error message repeated non stop in the second window:
ERROR: travel: Condition "!pstatemachine->states.has(ptravel)" is true. Returned: false
At: scene/animation/animationnodestate_machine.cpp:184

i have been trying to find a solution for hours now, so if anybody could help that would be great.


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