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Hey everyone!

Im using SCREEN_DRAG to move my player over the screen.
The problem is, that when i hold my finger on a constant postion on the screen the SCREEN_DRAG stops triggering. resulting in stuttering/stopping moving of my character.

Any help?

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The SCREENDRAG is only when you have moved your finger, you can use SCREENTOUCH to find a single touch on a single point.
but be ware that once you moved your finger a little bit it would count as a SCREEN_DRAG.

the touch support right now is kinda sh*t so try avoiding the use of _input() and try using more screen buttons(or whatever its called) and some custom masks to set the game if you can

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so basicly there is no way for godot to realize a constant fingertouch? is there any workaround?

you can use:

if event.type == InputEvent.SCREEN_TOUCH or event.type == InputEvent.SREEN_DRAG

that way he will read both for the same block of code.

But as far as i understood, SCREEN_TOUCH only triggers on press & release, not on constant touch. And Drag only on moving a finger on the screen. Or did i unsterstand something worng?

By what i have understood from playing with it on my phone if you want to have a constant touch at the same location you can use:

if event.type == InputEvent.SCREEN_TOUCH and event.pressed:
     some code here
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