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I Installed Godot on Windows and for some weird reason it runs opengl 2 even though i have opengl 3.1 capable graphics card and i have the latest drivers installed. Also i ran Godot on opengl 3 on the same machine but under linux so anyone has a solution ?

Godot version 3.23
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Card is opengl 3 capable, but Windows driver is not for example. Older AMD cards have more up-to-date linux drivers. AND NEVER USE AUTOMATIC DRIVER INSTALLATION ON WINDOWS. go to vendor page for driver.

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Yes but i installed opengl viewer and it says that opengl version is 3.1 and that means that the drivers on windows support opengl 3.1.

Can you run godot 3.0 on your machine under windows?

If yes then it is godot 3.23 bug. Report it

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