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I have created a background scene, which is my world scene. This is my base project.

On top of the base project I want to insert other projects.
The first project that I have inserted as a instance file (.tscn file) inside the base project is working fine.
However, when I want to do the same with a second project, the folder of the new project doesn't show up under res://.
In other words, the files under the new project's folder is not getting imported into res://

I require this to happen to make an instance of the new project under the base project.

Please help.

Godot version 3.2.2
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I think you may be confusing what the purpose of having things as projects is. A project is each seperate game, for example I make a sudoku app, or an angry birds-like game, each of them is their own project. You don't import a whole project into another one normally.

I think what you are instead trying to do is instance a scene (.tscn file) under your background. You need to store all of the scenes your game will use in the same project folder.

File structure could be like this:



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