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Hi all,

I am running the latest 2.1 stable on OS X.
I am building for OSX.

When I run the built game via the finder it loads to my menu fine. Things are there, options buttons work, but when I hit PLAY and the scene goes to change to the game scene it locks up and I have to shut down the app.

I exported again with the Debugging Enabled set to True and when the problem happened again I couldn't see any debug info.

I guess a couple of questions.

1- Where should the debugging info be found when Debugging Enabled is set to True and
2- What other things can you advise to find / debug / resolve the issue?

Thanks so much. Really stuck here, so close to finishing my first game! :-)

OK I right clicked the app file generated and chose show package contents.

I entered and looked about, there were no log files there.

I went to the folder /Users/USERNAME/Desktop/Hangman.app/Contents/MacOS/ and ran the executable there.

This brought up a terminal window and when the crash occurred the attached image is what was looping at a rapid rate.

Image: http://imgur.com/a/uaFmB

So that's SOMETHING but what do I make of it. It's not really got anything that I feel I can go on. I hope someone can make sense of that stuff :-) as I sure can't!

Anyway, hopefully that extra info can help. Thanks gain, it's really appreciated.

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For anyone in the future it was answered here https://github.com/godotengine/godot/issues/6961

It was a case that I hadn't included all my files (text files that I read) in the build/export.

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