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I am very new to Godot Engine, but am experience a problem which seems relatively common but without any clear answer online. Every time I press the "Play Project" button in the editor a window opens to play my project, but the window is transparent and inaccessible. Sometimes I can open the window by right clicking an maximizing it, but even then it appears completely white.

Is there any solution to this other than restarting the engine or your computer and hoping for the best (neither of these worked for me but I have seen them online a few times as suggestions)?

Godot version Godot 3.2.3
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Try opening a template from the project selection, to see if the problem comes from the project or the editor.

To debug the Editor, try running it inside a terminal, which will give you extra debugging information. To act on it, you can report a bug to the git, or directly compile you own editor.

If the windowing system is at fault, try not having the Editor maximised, to let the new window space. Remember to alt+tab to switch to it when it appears. You can also look into installing a tiling window manager, which will make sure that all windows are visible.

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