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Hey All,

I am making an EditorInspectorPlugin with EditorProperties and custom controls. It works, but my issue is that when I click away from the node and back into it, it refreshes the entire inspector resets the properties back to their default values.

I assume that parse_begin is being called again and thus clearing it, but I don't understand how to prevent it from clearing the values unless I somehow update the code in parse_begin with all of the updated values. This seems like a huge pain and definitely not the correct way to do it lol.

I basically have this:

extends EditorInspectorPlugin

func can_handle(object):
    return object is GamePadLayout

func parse_begin(object):
    #add EditorProperty scripts and Custom Control Nodes

TLDR: How do I get the inspector to remember the values when I click away from the node as it does in the native Godot inspector?

Godot version 3.2.4 beta 4
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