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I am very new to Godot and trying to figure how to import .obj file to .mesh file.

So I made a grass in TreeIt Software that I would like to use in the Wojtek Pe's tool for creating a pretty biome

I have imported the .obj file but when I re-import it as a mesh the debugger says it couldn't find grass001.mtl

This is the message I keep getting

And I do have a .mtl file present.

Godot version Godot version 3.2.3 Stable Release
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You probably have given different names to your obj and mtl files. Makes sure that anything before the *.obj and *.mtl is exactly the same for both. Then you should be able to use the obj file as a mesh as they get converted to a mesh. If you still can't use the obj then: drag the obj in a scene and right click on the mesh property. Click make unique and right click again and click save. Then save as "(insert name here).mesh".

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Hey thanks for the help and Sorry for the late reply.

I did follow your advice, your second method worked for me. Here's what I did :

  1. Created new scene
  2. Added Meshinstance as a node
  3. Used my .obj file in its mesh property
  4. Followed what you suggested

Now I have the file.mesh with me. Do I still need to keep the .mtl and obj file in the scene or is it okay to get rid of them for now?

I would recommend to keep some kind of backup because there is a small chance the .mesh file might not work in some later version of Godot.

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